You’ve almost certainly heard about the new, updated brand registry program on And if you’ve read more than one article or blog post about it, you have also likely discovered that opinions vary on how important or useful the new program is for manufacturers. We’ve written our own post here on the TrackStreet blog about the new brand registry on Amazon.

If you’re considering signing up for this program, you might be asking yourself if doing so will be worth the effort — and, if you’ve read anything about the new Amazon Brand Registry, you know applying will take some effort.

The real question is, Will the new brand registry on Amazon protect your brand?

In our opinion, the answer is a qualified yes.

Yes, because this updated program offers several new ways for a manufacturer, private-label seller or brand owner to protect its intellectual property and brand reputation on Amazon.

But it’s a qualified yes because, as helpful as the new Amazon Brand Registry can be for your company, it will not be the solution to all of the issues and headaches you face from unauthorized retailers or gray-market operators selling your products on Amazon without your permission. Even with this updated and expanded brand registry program, for example, Amazon still takes a largely hands-off approach to enforcing your minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policy.

So, although it won’t be a cure-all to your brand protection issues on the Amazon marketplace, we believe the new brand registry is well worth the time it will take your company to apply for and set in motion.

More good news: If you partner with the right Internet brand protection expert, you can even outsource the work of getting your company set up with the new Amazon Brand Registry and then managing the program on an ongoing basis.

How the new brand registry on amazon protects your brand

So, how exactly does this new brand registry protect your company? Here are the program’s key new services designed to help manufacturers and brand owners like you.

1. The “Report a Violation” button

Arguably the most significant new feature on the new Amazon Brand Registry, the “Report a Violation” tool allows you to conduct reverse searches anytime for your product content across — using text, keywords, an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), or even images.

If your search uncovers an unauthorized seller representing your products by violating your copyrighted or trademarked material, you can report this infringement directly to Amazon through a streamlined interface, and Amazon’s seller teams will typically respond much more quickly than they would for a company that hadn’t signed up with this new program.

Even if this were its only new feature — simplifying and speeding the process of taking down counterfeit or otherwise shady listings of your products — signing up for the new brand registry would be worth the effort.

2. Enhanced product listing control

After your application for the new brand registry successfully makes its way through Amazon’s vetting process — which will require you to provide, among other things, proof of an active trademark — you will have effectively established your company as the “brand owner” of your product line.

Under the new Amazon Brand Registry, what this means is that your product content — text, keywords, images, videos, etc. — is elevated above all other sellers’ content. In fact, the new program even allows you to upload sales content directly to the marketplace without first being reviewed by Amazon’s seller teams.

Like the Report a Violation link, this feature will significantly help in controlling how your products and your brand are represented across

Of course, neither of these new services will completely relieve your company of your ongoing responsibility to monitor for unauthorized resellers, misuse of your product content, and violations of your pricing policies. The new Amazon Brand Registry, in other words, is a great component in what should ideally be your larger, comprehensive brand protection strategy.

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