Become a Super Sleuth: Conversation with Investigators

Watch the webinar replay to uncover who is selling your products online.

With the growth of online spending, it is even more important to know who is selling your products. We have seen an increase in the number of sellers especially on platforms like Amazon. We may not be able to tell you where they came from, but there is a good chance we can tell you who they are.

Quote from attendee:

“That was a super informative webinar. My team found it to be very valuable and is currently out bookmarking various tools you mentioned (like SpyDialer). It was refreshing to have a webinar with practical knowledge and investigative processes being taught. The team is looking forward to the recording and tool links. 10/10! Thank you for putting the presentation on.”



Denise Mosteller
Director – Brand Protection @TrackStreet


With 20+ years of brand protection, brand management, investigation, and intellectual property experience, Denise Mosteller is currently the Director of Brand Protection at TrackStreet. TrackStreet is an industry-leading SAAS platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and automation to protect brands against price violations and rogue sellers and help brands increase revenue, brand equity, reputation, and trust.  She is well versed in price enforcement and reseller programs, establishing policies and procedures to vet and scrutinize potential resellers across all levels of the supply chain, as well as investigating and removing gray market goods and counterfeit products across major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

David Howell
Founder @Howell & Associates


Founder and CEO of Howell & Associates, David Howell runs a team that focuses on project and product management, sales training and management, strategic planning, global marketing, corporate brand management, and business development. He has had success in building brand protection and IP programs from the ground up, and working with Fortune 500 brands on product quality, anti-counterfeiting, online reputation brand management, intellectual property protection, and trademark management. He focuses on both devising and executing proactive strategies to protect international brands and IP from infringement and violations.


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