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Pricing Policy

Amazon Just Ended its 'Price Parity' Rule. Is This Good News for Brands?

On March 11, 2019, Amazon confirmed it has ended a longstanding policy that forbids sellers on its marketplace in the US from..

Reseller Pricing Program: Are You Undermining It with Any of These Mistakes?

By: Andrew Schydlowsky (TrackStreet) October 18, 2018

That reseller pricing program you’ve drafted and are now trying to enforce? Or the one you’re planning to draft and roll out..

Can Your MAP Policy Reach into the Shopping Cart?

There is a common and totally understandable misconception about how far a brand’s minimum advertised price (MAP) policy can..

Don’t Overlook This Important Partner in Your Reseller Pricing Policy

When they set out to develop a MAP or other resale pricing policy, most manufacturers are thinking about what the policy will..

How Can You Enforce Your MAP Policy Against Unauthorized Amazon Sellers?

“How do we use our MAP policy to stop rogue 3rd party sellers from listing our stuff on Amazon?”

How The Supreme Court Views Resale Pricing Law — and What it Means to You

If you had to explain the differences between a resale pricing policy that a court would deem perfectly legal, versus one that..

Enforcing Your Reseller Policy Differently with Different Retailers? Big Mistake

Imagine that an employee of a high-end apparel brand learns one of his company’s biggest retail partners — a luxury-goods..

Is Your Reseller Pricing Policy Even Legal?

By: Andrew Schydlowsky (TrackStreet) December 20, 2017

When manufacturers and brands start thinking about developing reseller pricing policies, they understandably focus on the..

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