Protecting Brands  + Enhancing Market Position

Combining cutting edge technology with strategic expertise.

Our brand protection as a service offerings are anchored in our extensive experience, comprehensive understanding, and proven expertise in areas such as Amazon Brand Registry, eBay VeRO, DMCA takedowns, crafting MAP and UPP policies, formulating authorized dealer policies, managing brands, and enhancing Buy Box win rates, among others. Accumulated over decades of hands-on work both within and prior to our organization, this rich tapestry of expertise, bolstered by cutting-edge technology, data, and flexibility, sets us apart.

We respect the distinct nature of each brand and actively partner with our clients to forge personalized solutions that not only sync with their objectives but also evolve with them. This collaborative approach forms the fundamental principles of our work.

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Tackling challenges, with tailored solutions. 

MAP/Resale Policy Enforcement & Unauthorized Seller Channel Management

The eCommerce landscape is more competitive than ever, and brands face a daunting array of challenges. From price erosion and shrinking margins to rogue sellers, the gray market, counterfeit and quality control issues, not to mention strained retailer relationships – these are just some of the obstacles our clients must surmount. 

Our services are purpose-built to help you conquer these obstacles and master the evolving art of online distribution. We provide expert guidance and support to help you manage your online eCommerce distribution, stay ahead of the curve, and achieve multi-channel success. 

Comprehensive Full-Service Solutions for Complete Peace of Mind

No Additional Headcount, All the Results. 

As a completely outsourced team, we offer clients a turn-key solution that combines best in-class technology with a deeply experienced brand protection team that understands how to put you back in control of your market and set you up for accelerated growth.

Adaptive Consulting Solutions with Maximum Impact

Robust and adaptable. Meeting you where you are, guiding you to your goals. 

We know some clients don’t need a fully outsourced team, but would like some level of strategic support. Our consulting services offer clients the opportunity to leverage our in-house experts in achieving their brand protection goals. These solutions are fully customizable and built around your strategic objectives, whether it’s an audit, SOP review, or best practices review.

Elevating Your Team Through Training + Development

Accelerate your teams impact. 

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to safeguard your brand. Our comprehensive training programs focus on best practices, cutting-edge strategies, and effective enforcement techniques to help you level up. We understand that each brand is unique, and our tailored approach ensures a customized training experience to address your specific business objectives. 

Empowering + Protecting Brands  With In-Depth Investigations

Expose Malicious Actors  and Strengthen Your Brand’s Defense.

Our team utilizes a broad range of investigative techniques, including our advanced AI algorithms, to discover hidden identities and relationships. Harnessing our distinctive TrackStreet approach, which melds deep seller research with data collection from both public and restricted information sources, we delve into our vast in-house database of proprietary data. This integration enables our experts to uncover identities, expose contact information, and provide you with the vital insights needed to reclaim control of your resale channels. With the power of AI, we spot commonalities, connect the dots, and offer you a comprehensive understanding of your retail landscape.

Unlocking Insights Through Comprehensive Audits

Elevate your brand protection strategy.

Our audit services equip you to proactively combat potential threats, fine-tune your operations, and preserve your brand’s reputation. We render bespoke, in-depth audits pinpointing discrepancies in your foundational resale policy documents, evaluating your enforcement methods, and presenting precise insights and suggestions to augment the efficacy of your brand protection program. These comprehensive audits don’t just uncover weaknesses, they form the basis of actionable strategies that reinforce your brand’s defenses. You’ll receive meticulous reports delineating our discoveries, accompanied by action-oriented recommendations to fortify your brand protection strategies.

Your brand deserves the best defense. Our comprehensive brand protection services are designed to safeguard your reputation, using state-of-the-art technology and unmatched expertise to keep your business secure.

Your Brand’s Potential

Are you prepared to take your brand to new heights? Share your information with us, and let’s begin the journey together.

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