Dealer Portal

Modernize & simplify your reseller processes with a 24×7 authorized Distributor Management & Dealer Portal.

24×7 Technology that automates how you build and manage your partner relationships.

Authorized distributor management & dealer portal by Trackstreet.

Dealer Portal Modernizes & Simplifies Your Reseller Processes

24×7 Technology that automates how you build and manage your partner relationships

  • Use Dealer Portal to engage your dealers with a self-service tool that they conveniently access from your website.
  • Simplify management of your authorized dealer channel including processing new applications, account setup, resale location approvals and more.
  • Authorize dealers to sell your products on a channel-by-channel basis, and automate your resale policy enforcement.
  • eSign any document or form and automatically save that information within a master customer record vault.
  • Simplify sharing all your digital assets with invisible & trackable digital rights protection built into every image.
  • Integrate with your ERP or CRM systems.

Dealer Portal Empowers Your Resellers & Build Better Relationships

A self-service Internet dealer portal that ties all your dealer pieces together

Automate product information and image updates to your entire dealer base.

Stop the pass-the-PDF game and automate how you collect account information or deal with basic account management tasks. No more admin work!

Tie authorizations directly into your resale policy enforcement process.

Seamlessly connect your web portal to your backend ERP or CRM.

Effortlessly Execute Dealer Agreements

Whether you have a one page form, or a set of documents, we automate your processes

eSign any document.

Initiate portal registration campaigns, or provide a simple signup link.

Customize forms with ability to require uploads of images or collect any document (like resale forms or store pictures).

Ingest and approve channel-specific applications to sell on marketplaces, websites or physical sales locations.

Automate multi-step approvals for any form or set of documents.

Dealer portal enables dealers to make their own account updates and add new sales locations.

Comprehensive Dealer Portal better than a 24/7 back office

Comprehensive Dealer Portal Better Than 24/7 Back Offices

Round the clock information processing based upon how you run your business – make progress while you sleep.

Safely Share Your Digital Assets

Best in class digital asset management to ensure your partners have everything they need to maximize your opportunities for sale and customer conversion.

  • License images to specific sales locations and accounts with hidden e-fingerprinting technology.


    Share any kind of image, video, audio, or digital resource.


    Limit dealers to resources based upon their authorization status.


    Update your channel automatically when there are new or updated assets.

Automagically Share Product Data

Best in class product feed management to ensure your partners have the best possible product information to build your brand

Deliver your detailed product information to trusted partners in their preferred format via ftp, email or API feeds.

Limit dealers to just the product data you want them to receive.

Automatically alert and send updates when you have new products or your product information changes.

A dealer portal with unparalleled capabilities

Dealer Portal with Unparalleled Capabilities

The ONLY dealer portal that can seamlessly tie your reseller authorizations to your compliance program.

Enable channel specific enforcement.

See any online policy compliance history before approving authorized dealers.

Ensure maximum compliance with one comprehensive brand protection platform.

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