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How KEEN Saves Resources & Broadens Market Visibility With Automated Brand Enforcement From TrackStreet
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Experiencing significant growth over the past five years, KEEN has made a strong impact on the retail footwear market, appealing to adventurers and everyday enthusiasts with its sustainable brand ethos. Navigating the complexities of multi-channel retail—including its own eCommerce site, online marketplaces, and physical stores across North America—KEEN values its partnerships and employs MAP to safeguard them. By transitioning to TrackStreet as its primary MAP policy enforcement platform, KEEN observed an increase in online revenue, reduced compliance issues, and effectively harnessed the platform’s benefits at scale.

The Challenge

KEEN was facing major obstacles — low visibility into their complete online market landscape, lack of robust data points, and a painstaking manual operation that resulted in slow response times for MAP enforcement.

At KEEN, Senior eCommerce Specialist Chris Ware, working under the legal department, acts as both the enforcer and protector of the brand, monitoring over 15,000 UPCs in the eCommerce space for pricing violations and collaborating with the branding team for resolutions. Before adopting TrackStreet, KEEN used another Brand Protection Software and faced significant obstacles such as low visibility into the online market landscape, a lack of robust data, and a cumbersome manual operation causing slow MAP enforcement response times. The rapid growth of the company made scaling tools to meet market demand challenging, and the absence of clear insights into pricing discrepancies necessitated a new solution.

The Solution

Turning to TrackStreet allowed KEEN to acquire essential tools for efficient enforcement and smoother brand scaling, relying on its advanced MAP monitoring and enforcement system to regulate a substantial portion of its market and automate processes. TrackStreet operates continuously, offering extensive market visibility of advertised pricing. “Our main goal…was visibility,” said Chris Ware, emphasizing the importance of identifying sellers and the value of automation in monitoring and enforcement, even over weekends and holidays. This switch has resulted in considerable savings in time, money, and resources for KEEN, improved scalability, and enabled the company to confidently launch new products and explore new eCommerce channels for brand growth.

The Results + Benefits

Leveraging TrackStreet’s automated platform, KEEN has optimized brand protection and enforcement, achieving:

  • Double-digit Average Unit Retail (AUR) increases in the Amazon marketplace
  • Reduced manual brand enforcement efforts on pricing strategy or unauthorized seller violations for over 15,000 UPCs
  • Increased productivity by saving dozens of hours a week in monitoring eCommerce channels
  • Improved brand strategy with a focus on enforcement and protection
  • Broadened market awareness and reach to pinpoint resellers who are off-price or unauthorized
  • Automated brand enforcement via a customized multi-touch hierarchy system with swift violation response workflows

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