One platform to Protect, Authorize, and Optimize your eCommerce channels.

Our Data, Action, and Insights combine to be your massive competitive advantage.

One platform, but not one size fits all.

Built to respect your unique brand identity and strategy, at the core, our solutions focus on three major pillars: Visibility, Enforcement, and Expansion, with flexible offerings within each. We will meet you where you are on your journey and scale with you as you grow.


Websites + Marketplaces tracked


Data points tracked daily


Merchants tracked over time

Driven by the power of science and art – technology and human expertise.

Our platform harnesses the power of AI, machine learning, and state-of-the-art technology to fuel data-driven insights and automation. However, we recognize the vital role of human expertise and strategic foresight in shaping our solutions and product features. By embracing a synergistic approach, we ensure the optimal blend of technology and human ingenuity. This is why we also provide professional services to partner with our clients with top-tier guidance and strategic advice whenever necessary.

Gain clear insights

The Impact
of Visibility

How much of your ecommerce channel is hidden from view? Our market visibility offerings create a foundation for you to understand your online ecosystem™, prioritize revenue opportunities with the best partners, and take precise steps to control and optimize your channels.

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Rule your market

The Power
of Enforcement

How easy is it for you to enforce your resale policies? Our platforms’ rule-based, customizable action engine equips our clients to act efficiently and effectively on the data acquired to mitigate identified problems, stabilize markets, and restore trust in relationships.

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Propel your growth

The Tools
to Expand

Whether you are looking to better understand how inventory and revenue flow through your Amazon and marketplace presence, learn competitive insights, track international markets, or better manage strategic relationships for growth – we’ve got you covered.

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Our People.
A Unique Plus, Giving You A Distinctive Edge.

Though our platform and its cutting-edge, patent-pending capabilities for tracking the eCommerce landscape are unmatched, it’s our exceptional team that truly sets us apart. Boasting decades of experience in brand management, brand protection, IP management, distribution models, pricing policies and brand building across diverse industries, our team possesses a unique perspective that allows us to deeply understand the ecommerce landscape from the inside out and empower you to achieve optimized outcomes.

Your Brand’s Potential

Are you prepared to take your brand to new heights? Share your information with us, and let's begin the journey together.

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