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Discover the Power of Amazon Insights. Unveil critical insights into your Amazon data and regain control of your brand on the world’s largest online marketplace.

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Amazon Insights is meticulously designed to offer unprecedented visibility into crucial Amazon data, focusing on the pivotal Buy Box winner information, inventory sold, average price, Amazon seller reviews, and Amazon seller violations. It empowers brands to identify merchants impacting their Buy Box ownership, enabling them to optimize sales velocity and revenue.

In a marketplace accounting for 45% of all e-commerce sales, regaining brand control on Amazon is a shared priority among our customers. Amazon Insights provides invaluable insights into half of all e-commerce traffic, including crucial pricing information, enabling brands to understand and optimize their market position, Buy Box performance, and overall sales on Amazon.

Amazon Insights offers a comprehensive analysis of critical data points, providing actionable insights for effective brand strategy development on Amazon. Our reports delve into inventory, pricing, product performance, and shopper behavior, enabling clients to regain control of their brands on Amazon by understanding and leveraging market dynamics.

Experience full functionality with a sample of data and discover how Amazon Insights can transform your Amazon strategy. 

The Power
of Enforcement


How easy is it for you to enforce your resale policies? Our platforms’ rule-based, customizable action engine equips our clients to act efficiently and effectively on the data acquired to mitigate identified problems, stabilize markets, and restore trust in relationships.

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The Tools
to Expand


Whether you are looking to better understand how inventory and revenue flow through your Amazon and marketplace presence, learn competitive insights, track international markets, or better manage strategic relationships for growth – we’ve got you covered.

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