Promote Growth: The Tools to Expand.

Accurate data and connected systems will allow you to better scale your work and see what’s hiding in the disconnected dark. Our growth-focused solutions are designed to link scattered elements, minimize friction, and propel your expansion.

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Product Reviews + Q&A

Hear your customer’s voice where it matters most – next to the buy button, on the most frequented platforms like Amazon and Walmart, along with other supported websites and marketplaces. Stay one step ahead of product issues, head off product returns, increase purchase rates, and furnish your product team with real-time market feedback.

  • Continuous reporting on all review and Q&A activity: Aggregate all reviews and Q&A for your products across major eCommerce platforms into a user-friendly dashboard, and receive automated alerts tailored to your defined criteria.
  • Swiftly address concerns of dissatisfied customers and intercept risk-prone activities before they impact sales.
  • Screen products on the market, target phony or inappropriate reviews to enhance product ratings, and monitor shifts in customer sentiment over time.
  • Schedule automated reports based on criteria such as product, date, review location, keyword, and star rating.
  • Catch broad product issues that will damage customer trust and challenge partner relationships..
  • Conveniently prioritize follow-up actions, ensuring your customer’s voice is heard and acted upon.

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Product Reviews + Q&A

  • Monitor all questions, answers, and comments.
  • Configure automatic reports tailored to various parameters, such as product, date, and keywords.
  • Ensure well-informed and precise answers to all customer inquiries.
  • Effortlessly flag irrelevant or inappropriate questions for removal.
  • Export customer questions and responses for intensive offline analysis, helping improve your product documentation.
  • Cut down on product return rates and bolster product ratings to enhance customer satisfaction.

Partner Management Portal

Modernize & simplify your reseller  processes with 24×7 technology that automates how you build and manage your partner relationships.

  • Streamline dealer channel management with our round-the-clock authorized Distributor Management & Partner Portal.
  • Expedite the process of signing up dealers by gathering detailed partner information and executing e-Signed partner agreements with completely customizable forms and workflows.
  • Automate multi-step approvals for any form or set of documents, ensuring what products partners can sell and where.
  • Save signed documents and all completed forms securely in a master customer record vault, enabling easy reference and accountability.
  • Deliver accurate product information, updated pricing, and image updates to your entire partner base automatically.
    Control the dissemination of digital assets by limiting partner access based on their authorization status.
  • Enhance compliance by tying reseller authorizations to your resale program, including the ability to automate product-level authorization and enforcement.

The Impact
of Visibility


How much of your ecommerce channel is hidden from view? Our market visibility offerings create a foundation for you to understand your online ecosystem™, prioritize revenue opportunities with the best partners, and take precise steps to control and optimize your channels.

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The Power
of Enforcement


How easy is it for you to enforce your resale policies? Our platforms’ rule-based, customizable action engine equips our clients to act efficiently and effectively on the data acquired to mitigate identified problems, stabilize markets, and restore trust in relationships.

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