With Price Tracking Software, you get actionable data that helps you understand the landscape so that you can make quick decisions that ultimately help drive profitability. Know where your products are being sold, who’s selling them, and how the prices and sellers are changing over time – on individual websites and within marketplaces.

Highlighted Features

Know Who’s Selling on Marketplaces and Websites

  • Monitor sites and marketplaces for prices and run a full array of reports so you know where your products show up, who’s selling them, and at what price
  • Access new marketplaces and websites as our systems discover new sales outlets
  •  See pricing changes by product, by date, by merchant, or marketplace via price monitoring services

Price Monitoring So You Are Always in the Know

  • Accommodate individual price changes to track current and future violations based upon new pricing information (if subscribed to MAP Compliance module)
  • See product pricing today, as well as product price over time
  • Use historical price graphing to see the effects your sales decisions made on your market
  • Allow promotional pricing periods so that you get accurate reporting based upon true market conditions and allowed promotional programs

Understand How Price Fluctuations Impact Sales

  • Run reports on any time period by product, by merchant, or by marketplace via price monitoring services
  • Compare pricing across merchants to see how pricing in different marketplaces fluctuate over time

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