Market Clarity: The Impact of True eCommerce Visibility.

Are eCommerce blind spots, and inaccurate, or incomplete data negatively impacting your strategic planning? Are channel surprises hurting your relationships with strategic partners, creating internal bottlenecks, and reducing your revenue growth?

The TrackStreet platform gives you deep and accurate UPC-level data about where on the Internet your products are being sold, for how much, by whom, and even at what sales velocity. All of this empowers you to make confident decisions backed by true machine-learning and AI technology, driving more revenue through the right channels.

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Know Where To Look

Our powerful UPC-level data monitoring platform, captures pricing and seller data for every size, color, or style of every product you care about across a wide universe of websites and marketplaces (over 100,000 on a daily basis). We help you prioritize the where and what, then we’ll leave no stone (data point) unturned.

Know When Prices & Sellers Change

Stop the surprises! Monitor price changes over time, understand which sellers lead and who follows, and catch new resellers as they come on the scene.

Leverage the value of AI and machine learning. Our system continuously learns and evolves, enabling it to distinguish your products with precision and uncover them in a wider range of platforms. Seamlessly identify sellers across various channels, even when they use different names, giving you the power to streamline operations, proactively address rogue or unauthorized sellers, and stay ahead of your competition.

See your competitor’s playbook! Win your market and gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive competitive intelligence monitoring and reporting. Uncover pricing, distribution, consumer sentiment and revenue insights that help you win more sales and give you the upper hand in your markets.

Product Tags, allows for unparalleled customization and flexibility in organizing your products. Tag products by category, promotion, style, or authorized seller, and gain profound, data-driven insights into product performance and trends. This feature is designed to boost efficiency and streamline workflows, enabling you to easily categorize and find your products. Discover the endless possibilities and unlock greater insights with our enhanced Product Tags feature.

Gain comprehensive insights into your International ecomsystem™ across various marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and beyond.

Amazon Insights

Maximize your revenue potential and make informed decisions with our Amazon Insights suite. This powerful tool provides you with comprehensive visibility into your Amazon data, empowering you with crucial information such as Buy Box winners, lost sales, key revenue trends, revenue by seller or product, inventory on hand, and much, much more. Want to see this for your competitors? We can do that too!

Rule your market

The Power
of Enforcement

How easy is it for you to enforce your resale policies? Our platforms’ rule-based, customizable action engine equips our clients to act efficiently and effectively on the data acquired to mitigate identified problems, stabilize markets, and restore trust in relationships.

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