Amazon Analytics

Are you ready… to see behind the Amazon curtain?
Understand exactly how much inventory is being held and sold on the Amazon platform on a product by product or seller by seller basis.

TrackStreet delivers unprecedented visability

Inventory and Sales reporting for all Amazon 1P and 3P seller activity.

  • Understand the true size of the Amazon market for your products across all sellers, split by FBA and Self- Fulfilled offer types.
  • Identify financial impact of unauthorized and counterfeit product sellers.
  • Prioritize resale policy enforcement activity based upon seller inventory levels and impact on your market.
  • Easily track products with duplicate ASINS and initiate merge requests.
  • Forecast inventory needs based upon true sales velocities and visibility into inventory on hand.
  • Product questions get the best answers that drive more conversions & sales.
  • Track competitor sales figures and resale activity to calculate true channel market share.

The best insights on your Amazon ecosystem

Sales & Inventory numbers that you can act on

See sales velocity by seller, product, or ASIN over time.

Track inventory by seller, product, ASIN, and fulfillment method (FBA vs Self).

Understand true Amazon dollar value by product, seller, and category.

Tie unknown Amazon seller or inventory and sales levels to real known customer accounts.

Discover all products with multiple ASIN.

Reveal the impact of your Amazon advertising on your Amazon sales.

Get visibility into the sales of your competitors and track market share.

We put you back in control of Amazon

Our advanced Artificial Intelligence-based solutions are your ace-in-the-hole. Better than a warehouse full of humans, our systems can track billions of product offers, never forget how many units of your product were sold by a seller, which has since changed names 4 times, and get smarter the more information you give them.

Fully Automatible
Detailed Reporting
Visible Results

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Make us your (not so) secret weapon

We help PROTECT + GROW the best brands in the world. We combine world-class technology with world-class people to be your world-class partner. We look forward to showing you why we’re the best.

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