MAP Enforcement

Automate Your MAP & Resale Policy Enforcement.

MAP and Reseller Pricing Policy Enforcement Made Easy.

  • Identify policy violations with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Enforce based upon advertised pricing, authorized seller status, or a combination of any criteria you can dream up
  • Fully automate violation communications including to unknown Amazon or other marketplace sellers directly through the platform
  • Customize your workflow to automate or streamline even the most complex policy enforcement steps
  • Auto-generate and send daily or weekly “do not sell” lists
TrackStreet can help:
  • Identify unknown sellers
  • Protect established dealers
  • Preserve margins
  • Save countless hours
  • Find opportunities to grow revenue

Key Features

  • Seller database with identity information for sellers trying to hide.
  • Automated sending and escalation of violation notices.
  • Violation screenshots stored and used as proof for every violator and incident.
  • Extensive Seller and Violator Profiles including history, identity information and sent notifications
  • Promo pricing periods to ensure accurate reporting

“We have been able to clean up our marketplace much more quickly and effectively than we ever thought we could.”


“We are saving so much time and money through TrackStreet’s automation.”


Ready to harness the power of TrackStreet to

Protect + Grow

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Resale Policy Resources

Learn how to draft and enforce a successful resale pricing policy.

How to Stop Unauthorized Amazon Resellers

How to Stop Unauthorized Amazon Resellers

INTRODUCTION: If you’re a manufacturer or brand owner, an unauthorized reseller on Amazon is any third-party retailer who has no official relationship with your company — and no right to buy your products to resell them to customers — but who nevertheless sets up...

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