MAP Compliance automates the tedious, time-intensive task of monitoring Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and Authorized Dealer program compliance so that your brand team can focus on what’s important – driving sales and building stronger customer relationships.

Highlighted Features

Automation Saves Time

  • Pre-load MAP Policy documents and enforcement letters
  • Send automated email alerts to violators using predefined content based on your enforcement settings
  • Establish a trail of communication regarding their violations that you can easily reference as you take further enforcement action
  • Determine frequency of contact as well as escalation of enforcement language

Reports Give Comprehensive View of What’s Going On

  • See who’s breaking MAP Policies right now and who was violating MAP policies in prior periods
  • Easily see who comes in and out of compliance repeatedly
  •  View reports on a marketplace or merchant-by-merchant level

Screen Captures Prove Violations

  • Automatically takes screen captures of all MAP violations and archives them indefinitely so that there’s always a picture of the infraction to reference

Automate Do Not Sell List Creation and Management

  • Define your criteria and TrackStreet systems create and update your list daily
  • Automatically share your Do Not Sell list with your teams and distribution partners

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