Amazon Brand Registry 2.0: Benefits and Requirements

Last updated on: June 7, 2024
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What’s New About Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

Let’s first review the added benefits of the updated version – Amazon Brand Registry 2.0, and then we’ll discuss the one new requirement to joining the program that wasn’t a part of “Amazon Brand Registry 1.0”.

3 New Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

  1. Post your content to with no reviews or approvals. With the original brand registry program, sellers submitted product listings and other sales content through the Amazon Seller platform, and Amazon’s teams vetted that content before publishing it live to the marketplace. Under the new program, Amazon gives you administrator status (which you can also provide to staff and even authorized resellers) that allows you to bypass this step — and upload your product content directly to the live marketplace.
  2. You can proactively search for intellectual property infringements across — and report violations to Amazon’s Seller Teams
    Amazon’s new program also includes a search feature that allows brand owners to search the marketplace anytime — using keywords, ASINs, text, or images specific to their brands — for evidence of intellectual property infringement or counterfeiters. If a search uncovers an illegal listing, you as the brand owner can easily contact Amazon through the new Report a Violation link, and Amazon says it will take expedited action against the violator.
  3. Amazon itself will now help brand owners stop illegitimate listings using its “predictive automation” tools
    Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 also includes a new set of predictive automation algorithms to help prevent counterfeit listings and intellectual property infringement. According to Amazon, when you submit reports of suspected violations of your copyrighted or trademarked content by unauthorized sellers, Amazon will feed those reports into its predictive analytics tools and use that data to spot future infringements.

The New Requirement for Joining The Updated Version

There is one new hurdle you will have to clear to join Amazon Brand Registry 2.0: You will need a live, registered trademark for your brand.

From Amazon’s point of view, demanding this proof of ownership is the best way of definitively distinguishing between a brand’s true owner and all of the other sellers of its products across the Amazon marketplace.

But if you do not already have an active registered trademark for your brand, you will need to secure one before applying for the new brand registry program. You can apply through the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


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